the marches hive

Education, training and regeneration

The Marches Hive represents the launch of a co-operative website which seeks to provide a home for new, existing and emerging co-operative and social enterprises in the Marches area either side of Offa’s Dyke. These organisations may have both a micro and macro focus on solutions to local , regional , national and international challenges.

The pioneers of the Marches Hive have more than thirty years experience of significant co-operative activity in education, training and re-generation through a variety of mutual organisations owned by individual and business community members. This is in addition to many effective national and international partnerships led from the Marches.

The name Marches Hive has been carefully chosen because it explains the home base area. Our offices are in Grange Court, Leominster, Herefordshire. The Marches Hive most importantly provides a vision of an organic co-operative structure which seeks to encourage innovation and activity with a regional, national  and international reach.

The Marches Hive will from day one publish the well received review of the former Robert Owen Co-operative  Academy as well as providing a home for the Robert Owen Society. In addition we will offer a regular interactive discussion platform, which will seek to stimulate debate and offer a forum for innovative Socratic debate on education, training and re-generation.

Co-operatives are member owned, values led organisations that seek to offer effective support their communities. We live in unprecedented times where innovative ideas have never been more necessary if our communities and our people are to survive, prosper and offer hope for the future to our young people .

We hope that you will join us, support our vision and mission and engage with us as we offer co-operative solutions to current and future challenges.