Fresh Start South Wye

Fresh Start South Wye would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and hope that despite the challenges of testing and ensuring all were safe, that you had an enjoyable Christmas.

Talking of challenges, this year will be so for us at Fresh Start, eased though by the partnership with the Robert Owen Society.  Our meeting prior to Christmas has shown that we can work together to bring about a model for improving the lives of the people of South Wye.

This spring will include us meeting those working on the ground and looking at the fantastic work already taking place in the community.  We will look to form relationships which will take us all forward in exciting projects and innovation for the area.

Fresh Start along with the Robert Owen Society have two exciting projects which we will bring to the area soon.  One of these will add sustainability to the area, which is key, whilst the other will be tackling a small part of deprivation.  Both projects will involve our community working together. 

There are exciting times ahead.  Follow our work at Fresh Start South Wye on Facebook and think about joining the Common Good, also Facebook.

Happy New Year to you all.

Fresh Start South Wye

The area to the South of the Wye is a community of 22,000 people.  Formerly a scattered farming community, the area has grown rapidly since World War II, largely through council and social housing development. However, little thought had gone into the strategic planning.  Public service provision has not at any stage matched need.  The South Wye area has high levels of deprivation with the resultant impact on health, crime, achievement and ambition. 

There is very much a feeling that the South Wye area fills the traditional concept of a community ‘the other side of the tracks’.  

Change and improvement with fundamental community regeneration is required.  A group of people interested in South Wye have come together with a real vision to restore the community through a macro public/private initiative which would be strategically managed through a community wide South Wye co-operative business organisation.  This vision is known as Fresh Start South Wye. 

The newly designed Fresh Start South Wye logo

Led by Amelia Washbourne, a resident of the South Wye area of Hereford City for over 35 years. As a mother and a grandmother with roots deep into the local community Amelia currently works in the NHS and has a background in local government, health and social care and early years education. Her long standing personal and community interest in improving the level of service delivery and quality of life for our South Wye people is what led to the creation of this project.

Having followed the Robert Owen 2021 Annual Lecture with interest earlier this year, Amelia had been working on a plan for South Wye for some time and the vision shared by this year’s Lecture contributors inspired her to contact Chris Morgan, President and Secretary of the Robert Owen Society, to see if her ideas could be worked up into a constructive proposal. The rest is history, as they say and Amelia and Chris been working together to bring together an exciting and highly innovative plan which, although still in draft form, is ready to be shared with some of the key movers and shakers in the community.

Watch this space!