” A reform to IPP sentences was made in 2022, to change the way that an offender`s licence was terminated”

The govt Home Office Policy Paper states:

The law will require the Secretary of State For Justice to refer every eligible Imprisonment for Public Protection (IPP) offender to the Parole Board for consideration for licence termination.

The Police, crime, sentencing and Courts Act, (PCSC) will place a requirement on the Secretary of state to automatically refer eligible IPP offenders to the Parole Board, removing the need for the offender to give permission for such a referral to be made.  Where the Parole Board opts to keep the licence in place, the Secretary of State will automatically re-refer them every 12 months.

We are conscious that this refers to a significant number of prisoners and in the first instance we would be interested in hearing from the families of those caught in this review system.

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