Robert Owen Society personnel led many developments in the Marches over four decades creating life changing opportunities for individuals, businesses and communities. For this section of the website we have selected three key initiatives that changing the educational and business environment and led to changes far beyond the borders of the Marches.

The initiatives described here are:

Anyone of these individual “projects” was significant adding as they did to the knowledge of students, teachers and business leaders across the sub region. Certain themes run through each project:

  • Using existing local expertise to scale up
  • Bringing education and business closer together
  • Putting the learner/student/pupil at the centre of the experience
  • Bringing significant funding to the sub-region
  • Sharing the marches experience nationally and often internationally

The Marches Hive is the next step in this decade’s long process of bringing different parts of the community together for the good of all.

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