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In 1997 the Robert Owen Group launched a co-operative school centred initial teacher training project through the Marches Consortium and in partnership with the University of Gloucester. The scheme rapidly grew and became the largest of its type in the United Kingdom , successfully training over 3,700 post graduates who now work in our schools and colleges with many at senior leadership levels. Alongside this we launched a Master’s level programme for trainers in schools and for former trainees and teachers to access as career progression.

It became clear that the absence of an institute of higher education in the Marches sub region posed a real impediment to developing research, seminal thinking and platonic discourse. We often ignore the valuable infrastructure that comes with a quality centre of higher education. The Directors of the Marches Consortium developed a Robert Owen Learning Academy in Leominster and encouraged many ‘hub’ schools to have satellite post graduate libraries for their ‘clusters’.

This is all now background history but our 1998 creation of “query” as a radical journal of left field thinking has now in 2021 led to the addition of this section to the Marches Hive website. We want to stimulate thinking, discussion and the sharing of relevant news and knowledge.

We called the original 1990’s journal query because our minds turned to the creation in the 1870’s of the Tredegar Medical Aid Society which started life as as ‘Health and Education Fund’. In 1920 Walter Conway , Aneurin Bevan and others formed the radical Query Club as a new development. The Club was a cross between a debating society, a mutual support group , a focus for sharing contemporary knowledge and a body set on advancing radical thinking to address the issues of the day. In those times adult education was very much in cells following on the model of the early Methodist house groups.

We believe the challenges of today in many ways mirror those of one hundred years ago and we do encourage everyone’s to engage with query and to share your thoughts, views, knowledge and understanding so that we can all grow together . Thank you

News Articles

Newton Farm deserves a better deal

Newton Farm, Hereford By Amelia Washbourne, Director, The Robert Owen Society I am concerned about the people in poverty and suffering from the effects of deprivation in the South Wye area of Hereford. Across the county there were 18,500 people living in deprived...

Meet … Mike Smyth, chair of Energy4All

Mike Smyth has been chair of Energy4All, a family of 30 independent renewable energy co-ops, since 2014. He also chairs the Schools’ Energy Co-operative and the Wey Valley Solar Schools Energy Co-operative. Previously, he was chair of Friends of the Earth Trust from...

Tradition broken in Hereford

The Hereford Diocese has a woman Dean for the first time in its 1,300-year history. The Very Revd Sarah Brown was installed October 2 during a special choral evensong, opened her sermon by thanking everyone who had made her so welcome in Hereford. She joins Hereford...

Ruba Media – Changing the World!

Meet Douglas Rubangakene, a Ugandan social entrepreneur or as he says “I am a young go-getter, fully determined and inspirational.” He grew up and lives in Uganda in the town of Kitgum district (once a war zone area) and loves loves sports and Music. Douglas...

Meet Zoe from Free Range Family Co-op

Interview with Molly Kendall, Coop Federation “Sorry about the rooster in the background” Zoe chimes into our Zoom call from her parent’s farmhouse on the Darling Downs, Queensland.  Zoe has taken time from her busy life as a new Mum, full time vet and...