Getting it right with stakeholders

We suggest a simple way to represent the fullness of the organisational/people/

brand values relationship is as a pyramid with organisational values as the base; people values in the middle and brand values at the apex. 

A useful analogy is the human pyramid that is sometimes performed in gymnastics displays or can be used to describe teams.

There is a clear inter relationship and inter dependence between each pyramid member. If the people at the lower levels walk away, there is no pyramid and the people at the top fall down. Without a sound and well-organised foundation the pyramid cannot be built.

The real challenge is to describe this relationship in an unambiguous way.

The litmus test for all sets of values is the extent to which they are understood both within and without the organisation. How straightforward they are to interpret, implement and for all to see in action?

 Another graphical opportunity.  What is it they say about pictures?!

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