Welcome to Vanguard Laundry

Welcome to Vanguard, a social enterprise that transforms lives whilst delivering the highest quality service.
This is laundry with heart.


Vanguard social enterprise


We help people from marginalised backgrounds to access equal opportunities and a fresh start in transitioning to a more fulfilling life. By empowering people to work towards a life which is dignified and hopeful; Vanguard creates a positive change for individuals in need, their families, and the wider community..


Vanguard commercial laundry enterprise


We’re a self-sustaining social enterprise changing lives one wash at a time, providing a high-quality linen service while reducing local unemployment. At every step of our process, we work with an all-heart approach and the utmost care in what we do, because we know that our happy customers help us to transform and empower the lives of many.

As a social enterprise, Vanguard knows that helping people to help themselves creates real lasting change. Vanguard empower peoples to build their skills and seek new opportunities. It produce high quality linen to drive change and Vanguard is in the business of creating brighter futures.

From our people

“Vanguard has really helped me a lot. It has given me confidence – when you are unemployed it is hard to have a goal and things to look forward to each and every day but coming here was something that I looked forward to.” – Jason

“When I arrived, life in Australia was really hard. It was really hard because I don’t know the place, the language and what to do, even how to catch a bus. Before I couldn’t pay my bills, but now I can pay my bills. I can do things for my kids. It’s really great for me.” – Natsenet

Quarterly snapshot

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