Bicycle taxis (boda boda), street vendors, merchants, farmers, trash collectors, etc. For Africans who know very well how to earn money with a bicycle, but who lack means and/or skills, CooP-Africa offers:

  • (modified) bicycles and trailers
  • support in the development of bicycle-businesses
  • job opportunities in the bicycle industry (e.g. bicycle factory and workshops)
  • training for bicycle mechanics

In the Bike4Work projects, the bicycle is the means to self-empowerment. For many entrepreneurs, this access to a bicycle means that they can save on transport costs and/or increase their income so that they can improve their well-being. Support CooP-Africa’s Bike4Work and enable these entrepreneurs to improve access to income generation:

My business is selling vegetables. I sell tomatoes, onions and mais, depending of the season. I sell from the local market, which is 4 km from my house. Once a week I go to the market in town (10 km) where prices are higher. The bicycle has helped me so much!

Pheobe Atieno Awino, business woman in Kenya

milk vendor

With this bicycle I can go much faster. It has enabled me to add new clients to my list of customers.

Benjamin Masike, milk vendor in Kenya

fred 520x244

Fred started in town as a boda boda driver and rented a bicycle. When he heard about the bicycle micro finance project, he started saving up and then got the initial deposit and got the bicycle. He worked very hard, built up a clientele, saved up, got a second bike, employed somebody to manage, worked hard en grew to a motorcycle. He now rides a motorcycle taxi and earns income and employs two others to ride bicycle taxis.

Fred, boda boda rider in Uganda

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