Building a new economy

We’re building a new economy based on
democratic ownership through
strategic economic development, training, and a quarterly magazine.

Stir to Action is committed to creating a more democratic economy in our workplaces and communities, with a current focus on new infrastructure, business support, research and policy, and partnerships with local government.


Cooperate Islington

Cooperate Islington is a consortium of co-operatives and community organisers who are working in partnership with Islington Council. We are building a Cooperative Development Agency that will be embedded in Islington for years to come. We provide one-to-one advice, training sessions, funding, workspace, networking opportunities and other resources and support. We are also working with the biggest institutions in the borough, helping them adapt their supply chains to buy goods and services locally from ethical providers.

Founders for the Future

Founders for the Future is a free startup programme for young adults in Devon: a new business incubator working with 15 young adults in Devon – aged between 18-30 years old – supporting them to create new enterprise ideas that secure a sustainable future for Devon’s local economy. We will support participants to set up their own enterprises with others, through workshops, residentials, 1:2:1 business consultancy, study visits, market development, a business fair, and up to £1,000 startup grant.

New Models for Family Farm Succession

Across the UK around 120,000 family-owned businesses are planning to retire or transfer ownership over the next few years (ONS), but two-thirds of these owners still do not have a succession plan. With commercial and policy pressure on UK land use and food production at an unprecedented level, there is a significant threat to current land use, and it is already undermining local and national food resilience through pushing our economy towards higher imports and lower employment.

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