Confederació de cooperatives de Catalunya

Confederation of cooperatives of Catalonia

In the face of common challenges, in the face of the needs of people, organizations and society, our answer is the sum total.

We know that adding people, interests and wills always multiplies the result. This is how, thanks to participation, democratic management and cooperation, we generate more wealth, more well-being, more justice, more solidarity, more sustainability.

This is the strength of cooperativism.


The Confederation of Cooperatives of Catalonia groups, leads and represents cooperativism in Catalonia and is the maximum body for dialogue with the Administration. Coordinates, disseminates and promotes the cooperative model in accordance with the cooperative principles of the International Cooperative Alliance.


The Confederation of Cooperatives of Catalonia will be the builder and guarantor of an image that highlights the values ​​that make cooperativism an integrative, open, transformative and sustainable economic and social model. It will give cohesion to the diversity of the cooperative world, promote cooperative training and offer services of transversal interest to the federations and innovative projects driving the cooperative model, which are born from the joint work with the member federations.

About Cooperatives and .coop

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