Five reasons to celebrate Fair Tax Week 2022

Graham Drummond – Head of Communications at the Fair Tax Foundation

Fair Tax Week 2022 runs in the UK from 11-19th June, incorporating Tax Justice Sunday on 12th June, and is sponsored by Pennon Group and Leeds Building Society. It’s an excellent opportunity for social enterprises to further show their commitment to creating positive change. But why, and how, should businesses, organisations and individuals be part of it?

1. The public wants to see businesses doing the right thing on tax

Our annual polling last year revealed that the UK public wants to celebrate businesses who can demonstrate they pay the right amount of tax, and would rather shop with a business or work for a business which can prove it’s paying its fair share of tax.It’s not just our own data either – according to the most recent ‘Attitudes of the British Public to Business Ethics 2021’ survey by the IBE, the British public believe that corporate tax avoidance is the most important ethical issue for the ninth year in a row. We know there are so many brilliant UK businesses paying their fair share, shunning tax havens and being transparent around their tax conduct. Fair Tax Week provides the perfect opportunity for us all to recognise and highlight those companies doing exactly what the public wants to see, especially in the face of the rampant tax avoidance that some of their competitors are employing.

1. The public wants to see businesses doing the right thing on tax seuk web

2. The Fair Tax Week conference is back!

Bringing together businesses, policy makers from national and local government and our friends from the tax justice movement, the Fair Tax Week Conference will see leading voices in business, tax transparency and anti-corruption speaking on, and discussing, important topics around responsible tax conduct. It’s also a great opportunity to network with like-minded businesses and organisations.Panel discussions and workshops around tax as part of ESG programmes, how the UK can become an exemplar of corporate transparency and more make this an event not to miss.Taking place on Thursday 9th June in central London, tickets are available now and selling fast.

2. The Fair Tax Week conference is back! seuk web

3. It’s so easy to be part of Fair Tax Week

If you’re a Fair Tax Mark accredited business, or a Council supporting Fair Tax, you’ll have already received resources that make it ever so simple to make the most of the week.But Fair Tax Week is for everyone to use as a platform for celebration and discussion, which is why we’ve created a free digital pack for supporting organisations. With ideas on what you can do, social media-friendly graphics and Fair Tax Week logos, it’s got everything you need to begin #CelebratingFair.Are you an individual wanting to join in? Read on!

3. It's so easy to be part of Fair Tax Week seuk web

4. It’s a brilliant opportunity for local authorities and residents

More and more councils across the UK are standing up for responsible tax conduct. If your city, town or district has already signed up to our Councils for Fair Tax Declaration, Fair Tax Week is a chance to share your local pride. In the next few weeks we’ll also be making an exciting announcement that will give individuals a powerful and simple way to join in with Fair Tax Week and push for a fairer economy for all, so keep an eye on our TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn accounts.

If you’re a UK council, Fair Tax Week is a great time to consider downloading our sample motion and passing the Councils for Fair Tax Declaration, joining the local authorities already pioneering the promotion of responsible tax conduct. You can also join us at our webinar on 16th June as we explore issues and emerging practice with officers from other councils that are already part of the initiative.

5. Big changes to the UK tax system will progress this summer

Fair Tax Week 2022 arrives at an opportune moment as the UK stands on the cusp of possibly advancing everything from a requirement for large multinationals to pay a global minimum tax, through to radical reform of the information all businesses will henceforth have to disclose at Companies House.
Fair Tax Week provides a platform for discussion around developments in the UK that contribute to tax transparency and a fairer economy.

The week is also the ideal opportunity to get ahead of the curve of new tax regulations and legislation by joining the many companies and organisations that are already Fair Tax Mark accredited. Fill out our simple form and get the ball rolling on securing the gold standard of responsible tax conduct.

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