Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow

Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow, cooperatives strategic allies

Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow, cooperatives strategic allies”

From the Regional Committee for Gender Equality, the virtual event “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow, strategic allied cooperatives” was held on March 21, 2022 at 9am Costa Rica. in order to commemorate International Women’s Day.

With a large attendance of women from the Americas, more than 55 women from the region were connected extolling cooperative values ​​in a very special conversation to claim the right of all women to a dignified, just and violence-free life, as well as the struggles that have given throughout history to achieve equity in different aspects of our society.

This agenda began with the opening of the President of Gender Equity, Xiomara Nuñez de Céspedes, where she presented and announced the progress of the Regional Committee for Gender Equity and the importance of these organizations existing as an institutional commitment to close gaps as well. presented different programs that Cooperatives of the Americas have arranged to achieve this goal, creating more opportunities for cooperative women with special emphasis on the training of UN Women Win-Win, which directly affects the guarantee of other rights and the strengthening of themselves in our organizations.

Likewise, during the same event, we had the presence of the President of the Regional Committee for Gender Equity for the International Cooperative Alliance, María Eugenia Pérez Zea, who highlighted the management that has been carried out from different areas of cooperativism at the international level, especially since the development of different country advances in the region in relevance with the Public Policy for Women and Gender Equity.

On the other hand, in this same space we have the participation of Mrs. Maria Teresa (Maite) Rodríguez Blandón, Regional Coordinator of the Women and Habitat Network for Latin America and the Caribbean, who spoke with the servants, servants and Cooperatives of the Americas on the achievements of the Network and the challenges that the sector faces for the future, in order to continue working committed and effectively to guarantee the rights of women in the Americas.

The President of Cooperatives of the Americas, Graciela Fernandez Quintas closed the event, and urged the women attending to work from the cooperative identity, if not also to commit from the institutions to demand a cooperative commitment to the application of gender equity, translated into the political will, and allocation of resources for the improvement of conditions for women, let us train and train our women cooperatives. He very attentively thanked each of the CREG members for making themselves heard in different scenarios from a political incidence.

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