Meet Cooperquivale Cooperariva

Cooperquivale Cooperariva is an agricultural Co-operative in the Vale do Ribeira, El Dorado, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Founded in 2012 this Farmers’ Co-operative was created to support the framers in getting their products to market; to create structure and give power to the growers; increase farmers’ income and to increase local production

Mrs Rosana Almeida, the financial coordinator, tells us about some varieties of bananas that are produced and how they can be consumed. She shared her advice over a banana rain cupcake with coffee while she gave us some tips.

′′ We have the green banana from the land that can be eaten boiled, fried or roasted. We have the golden banana, which can eaten in the same way: fried, roasted, boiled and also raw too! The apple banana can only be eaten raw and when it’s very mature. We also have the silver banana, the black banana, the vinegar banana and the pumpkin banana, which we can only be eaten boiled or raw!”

′′ We also have the Nanica banana! That’s a banana that we can make a lot with. It can be eaten baked, it makes a good banana pie or a cupcake. The Nanica banana can be used in many ways. When it is green it can be made into chips! You can cook it too then kneed it and eat it with salt or sugar. After it ripens, it makes an excellent rain cupcake. It can also be made into Farofa when you scramble it and add flour and cheese.

Bananas are the most versatile of fruits!

The co-operative produces many other foods too!

Find more information here: and on Facebook.

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