Seasonal Greetings

On behalf of the Robert Owen Society Board of Directors we would like to offer to our members, supporters and followers  all good wishes for a festive Christmas and a peaceful and co-operative 2023.

We live in rapidly changing times where our people are increasingly struggling to maintain their quality of life. These unprecedented struggles have been reflected in our activity within the Society. We recently held our Annual General Meeting in Grange Court where we received reports, approved the annual accounts and increased the size of our Board of Directors with the addition of two experienced Co-operators . Our new partnership with the Birmingham Steamhouse Project was widely welcomed. .

We also elected the following officers :

President – Roland Summers

Vice President – Trevor Hayes

Chair – Geoff Hughes

Joint Vice Chairs with additional  finance brief – Amelia Washbourne and Will Jackson

Company Secretary – Chris Morgan

The year ahead promises to be one of increasing activity for the Society and for those who work with us. We hope to offer a Fresh Start for our people.

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