A strong economy: It’s every Australian’s business

The last few years have presented a series of unprecedented challenges to Australia, some natural and local, with others global or geo-political. Droughts, bushfires, the global pandemic and volatile trade with China have each highlighted the importance of building greater self-reliance and resilience into the Australian economy.

Most recently, the pandemic has provided the opportunity to reset Australian business and to rebalance the economy towards the interests of the Australian people.

The ‘Blueprint for an Enterprising Nation’ is the BCCM’s policy platform for governments to support a strong economy with a strong co-operative and mutual sector. The business environment for co-operatives and mutuals has improved but there is still much to be done.

Download the BCCM’s Blueprint for an enterprising nation ‘A strong economy: It’s every Australian’s business’ to find out more about our current policies.

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