CICrA Justicia Ambiental

CICrA Justicia Ambiental is a critical and applied research cooperative. We defend environmental justice in the current context of global crisis, marked by the effects of the climate emergency, the loss of biodiversity and the depletion and deterioration of natural goods essential for life, among others.

The global crisis affects people unequally, putting the human rights of a large part of the world’s population at risk. On the one hand, it accentuates the historical imbalances in access to the benefits of the global social metabolism and, on the other hand, it transfers environmental liabilities to the most vulnerable groups.

Environmental justice, an approach that gives meaning to this cooperative project, focuses on diagnosing, explaining and combating these inequalities.

Our main areas of knowledge are climatic migrations, thehuman right to water and sanitation, the right to basic services, environmental democracy and support for the demands of indigenous peoples.

At CICrA Environmental Justice we want to accompany you in your projects for environmental justice. We are by your side for whatever you need, you just have to contact us!

Collective resilience, combative joy.


We are a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in the academic world and in different social movements.

After years working as independent consultants, we decided to associate with the aim of sharing our horizons, knowledge and potential, as well as dignifying our working conditions.

We decided to establish ourselves as a cooperative because we are convinced that the best way to develop our activity, as researchers, teachers and activists in the field of law and environmental sciences, is through collective and horizontal governance within the social, solidarity economy and environmental.

CICrA is, in itself, a form of collective feminist resilience. For this reason, we also recognize ourselves in values ​​such as mutual aid, responsibility, democracy, transparency, equality and equity and, of course, the commitment to those practices of socio-environmental transformation from which we work, always from combative joy. . Our project was born deeply rooted in the Catalan associative fabric, but also in other regions of the Spanish State and Latin America. The members have extensive experience as activists in various socio-environmental organizations and groups

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