Lala Cooperative

Feet in the soil. Head in the clouds.

Come for the community. Stay for the LaLa.

A Makers & Gardeners Space & Residency

We offer common space, a kitchen, equipment, tools, and s bathroom for those who need space to create, produce, garden, or work in harmony with Mother Earth in some other way. Become a member to book our space!

We are also a space for creatives and naturalists to create their dream residency. Apply here.

Hosting & Providing Space for Education & Events

In-person and online offerings, including immersions, cohorts, retreats, and quests focused on natural farming, composting, the economy of ecology, soil building with goats, working with fermented clay, Web3 / NFTs, womens and mens circles, self-care, art galleries, poetry nights, fashion shows, movie nights, marketplaces, ceremony, garden games, & more! Check out our past and upcoming events here.

Web 3 / Blockchain Applications

We’re using our Garden Gate NFTs to manage memberships, track our members’ contributions, and reward them. We’re using our Microbe Heroes NFTs to create garden sanctuaries, ameliorate homelessness in Fort Collins, and fund regenerative projects with 40% of the revenue generated from the collection. We’re also taking part in Seeds’ Regen Civics Alliance, as a land-based project leveraging Web3 technology to regenerate, which includes our developing a LaLa Coin to reward regenerative action and compensate contributors. Our products and services will soon be available for purchase via LaLa Coin.

About Cooperatives and .coop
The global Cooperative community has more than 1 billion members, representing 12% of the world’s employed population. All Cooperatives verify their identity when selecting a .coop web address. Your unique business identity is recognized online with a .coop domain name – your digital brand – a brand known for its economic advantages to its community, consumers, and members.

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