Community farm in South London launches £50k crowdfunder to beat cost of living crisis

The seven-acre Sutton Community Farm partners with local food banks and charities to offer healthy, environmentally sustainable produce

Sutton Community Farm in south London is running a six-week Crowdfunder to raise £50,000 to “secure the future of our farm and ensure we survive the current economic crisis”.

The seven-acre site is located in the smallholdings close to Wallington in south London, on the edge of the city.

It says it grows food “in harmony with nature”, building healthy soils, creating habitats for wildlife, and never using chemicals to grow more than 40 different types of fruit and veg.

Most of our income comes from its online farm shop, delivering every week we to people’s homes and farm customer pick-up points throughout south London and Surrey.


“We also support the livelihoods of many other organic farmers through trade,” it adds, “a model that builds a better and more resilient food system for the UK.”

The farm is community-owned, reinvested all its earnings into the business, and relying on more than 70 weekly volunteers – including people with learning disabilities. The volunteer programme offers training opportunities for aspiring farmers and growers.

Sutton also has partnerships with local food banks and charities to provide fresh food to those most in need.

But it warns the cost of living crisis has hit income from its online shop, leaving its finances uncertain.

“We know times are tough,” it adds, “but well-produced, locally-grown fresh food that is good for people and planet should not fall victim to the current economic crisis.

“At the start of the pandemic, the big supermarket supply chains failed. Once again, we’ve recently seen empty shelves and supermarket shortages, exposing a lack of food security in our country.

“Sutton Community Farm is working towards building a better, more resilient food system. This means paying a fair price for good food by directly supporting nature-friendly farmers.”

It says a £50,000 crowdfund will provide it with financial security until 2024, “allowing time to continue to deliver our core activities, rebuild our customer base, and seek grant funding”.

More details here.

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